Another thing they didn’t teach us in school

Blood Sugar Signs & Symptoms from Melinda Staehling Instagram

Sugar always gets a lot of free press in the alcohol-free and sober space. We use sugar as a quick replacement for alcohol that we miss. It’s available and delicious. A chocolate chip cookie with crunchy sea salt is a reason for celebration when a glass of Sancerre is no longer on the table.

What’s not talked so much, over the loud voices of, You’re All Addicted To Sugar!, are the basics of blood sugar balance. …

I’d woven alcohol into every facet of my life.

My 1st quit post on Instagram

When I ordered Annie Grace’s book Control Alcohol, I admitted that I would try this thing for real. I downloaded that book to my personal Kindle so that Tim wouldn’t see it on our Amazon orders. Sneaky, maybe. I love my husband, but I wasn’t ready to have that conversation just yet.

I worked for a major alcohol supplier selling fine wine to the restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. All wines jobs are a little haphazard, but this position was next level. I regularly hand-delivered 100k orders of fine and…

Instant Pot Kitchari from Melinda Staehling Instagram

I use two kitchen appliances more than any others.

Before my life changed with a chronic illness, and way before I quit drinking, I had a very whatever/whenever approach to home cooking. I had no dietary restrictions. I made recipes from cookbooks. I threw together breakfast burritos when I was hungover. At the other end of that spectrum, I made pasta from scratch, creating a disaster in the kitchen for a few bites of food that, in retrospect, were not very nourishing.

Mostly, I ate out. I worked long hours in a restaurant and was out of the house all…

This post is for the sober curious, grey area drinker, or questioner. If you’re confident in your decision to quit drinking, keep at it. If you’re struggling, connect with SAMHSA for resources.

Get out the magic markers and string a few days together on a good old-fashioned calendar.

There are ten days left in Dry January. Maybe you had the intention to take the full month off drinking, and still, the Merlot made an appearance or two. Or you’ve made it this far without a sip and are thinking of your next move. Will you drink on February 1? I suggest you just keep trying.

Dry January and Sober October, and any time-restricted break from alcohol…

Melinda Staehling

Nutritious Alcohol-Free. Health Coach & Writer. Work with me in private coaching to drink less — IG: @melindastaehling

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